HealthCare Family’s Washable & Reusable Vadur 360 Back-braced Shield Hoodie

HealthCare Family has yet again created another washable and reusable product to both combat the growing wastes and landfill caused by one-time use products, as well as provide a more fashionable, stylish & trendy alternative with the all-new HC Vadur 360 Back-braced Shield Hoodie. Famously named after its full 360° head coverage, our newest innovation in the face shield market will make you feel your best You in the outside world.

Nowadays, Thoracolumbosacral (TLSO) back-braces have become an extremely common innerwear for most people to either correct their posture or for scoliosis. As such, we have created the world’s first inter-laced back-brace and face shield, built-in on an all in one hooded outerwear which we hope will also be the first to become high-fashion in this new year. We specifically crafted the TLSO back-brace used in our Vadur 360 Shield Hoodie with a much lighter weight and lesser bulk compared to other TLSO braces to complement whatever you wish to wear in fabulous style!

The Best Fashionista Brace in Hooded Style!

Having back-brace problems? No matter what your concerns are, be it the brace being too noticeable or uncomfortable, the Vadur 360 is here to help! it’s special TLSO braces were designed to adjust and accommodate each and every wearer’s specific measurements. Take the opportunity for a better back-brace personalized to fit your very own fashion style!

No matter what way your body may be developing due to scoliosis, with just a little ingenuity, you will definitely be able to promote better visual balance and overall comfort with the all-new Vadur 360 Back-braced Shield Hoodie. This is especially true for young women who have always wished to express themselves more with their own unique sense of style but have back problems due to scoliosis and have had to wear braces. 

Be unique in your own way because you are! Inspire yourself and live a better life with HealthCare Family’s Vadur 360 Shield Hoodie. A handmade craft specifically made just for you.

We created the Vadur 360 Back-braced Shield Hoodie in hopes of making you feel totally comfortable anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re going out for a trip, for work or even just for a little walk outside. Most importantly, the Vadur 360’s face shield is an Acetate sheet 300 microns thick that’s acid-free.

Raring to go to a party after lockdown? You can easily unzip the shield and use the hood as a fashion accessory in and of its own. The Vadur 360 Shield Hood can be a great fashion accessory over your favorite denim or leather jacket, sweatshirt or t-shirt. The stylistic options are vast as your imagination! Pair it with any of HealthCare Family’s previous masks and there’s no chance whatsoever of you accidentally touching your mouth, nose or anything on your face.

Despite everything, always aim to be in style with the all-new Vadur 360 Back-braced Shield Hoodie.


  • Fully Hand-made
  • Full 360° head protection
  • With 100% Cotton Fiber
  • And High-durability Plastic Zipper
  • Using a fully transparent Acetate Face Shield that’s 300 microns thick
  • Freely Adjustable TLSO back-brace straps that go WAY UNDER your armpit to avoid any sort of underarm pain
  • Created to match HealthCare Family masks perfectly
  • Fits well over any other masks, bandanas or glasses
  • Basically an oversized hood with lots of room for hair
  • With its front-facing shield that can be unzipped to the hood at any time, feel free to breathe, talk or laugh normally

HealthCare Family’s Washable & Reusable Vadur 360 Back-braced Shield Hoodie can easily be cleaned via wiping with soap water and a soft cloth or machine washed at 30°C / 104°F maximum. Please make sure to keep away from sharp objects to avoid any scratches on the shield.