The Future of HC: New Name, New System & New Products in Store Just For You This New Year

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  • December 15, 2021
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Hope everyone’s having a splendid new year, despite all that’s happened this past 2020. With news of a hopeful tomorrow and vaccines incoming, we’re happy to say that 2021 may definitely be a better year for us all.

At the start of the year, we have decided to change our business name into a friendlier and more homely version as we wish to be your one and only “HealthCare Family”, providing all the necessities for a better future. We have also prepared a new “Kickstarter Creator Talk” to discuss the future of HC’s ways going forward which was paved to address the feedback that all of you have provided over our previous campaigns with the aims of improving on our future ones.

Again, we wish to thank you all for your support in our two previous Kickstarter campaigns! We sincerely hope you like the masks we’ve provided and although we were very sorry to hear about the displeasure of our earlier backers in our first campaign, please take note that we have done our very best to create a better, more eco-friendly, fully washable & reusable mask for all. While the design changes were made near the end of our campaign, we still strived to inform all of our backers in a timely manner. Rest assured, this will never happen again in any of our future projects. Due to this, we have made sure that all future projects you may wish to support MUST have a working prototype already finished and that the actual product photos & videos are shown immediately at the start of the campaign and we will make it a point to never change anything after project launch. We would be very happy to see your support again in our future crowdfunding campaigns as we have discussed in the past about several more exciting product designs in the making, including:

– An extremely comfortable ionic velvet mask,

– A transparent mask to aid with communication in the new normal,

– A protective head-to-shoulder full shield covering to compliment all of Healthbot Care’s masks,

– A uniquely innovative bedside product called the “Healthstand”,

One of which we have recently already launched:

We love the Force just as much as you do and with the growing popularity of “The Mandalorian”, we have decided to create this new item as an ode to Star Wars’ most famous icon, “Darth Vader”. It is a new innovation in the Health & Wellness industry as a face shield for protection, a hoodie for fashion, and even a back brace for physical wellness, all in one!

Healthcare Family’s Washable & Reusable Vader 360 Back-braced Shield Hoodie was made to compliment any of the masks you’ve previously purchased, matching and fitting perfectly with them in comfort and style.

We pledge to answer each and every concern sent to us either via comments or private message and will continue to monitor your feedback in order to improve what needs to be changed. We also understand there are still some backers who have yet to send in their reward surveys and we would like to let you all know that we have foregone our previous protocol of disqualifying late send-ins. That we, your HealthCare Family, will always be here to fulfill your pledged orders whenever you’re ready.

Thank you for taking the time to read our first ever Kickstarter Creator Talk. We wish you all belated Merry Christmas and a splendid year to come!

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