Silicone Comfort Mask

Disclaimer: Please take note that HealthCare Family’s masks are not specifically designed as medical-grade devices but rather general-purpose masks for an ordinary person’s everyday use.

In light of the government and the CDC now recommending all Americans to wear face masks in public at all times, we have set out to create one to the best of our extent, in terms of quality and comfort in mind, that provides far superior filtration and defense compared to flimsy cloth or surgical/disposable paper masks. The end result we initially had was a prototype with quite a common exterior as with most other masks built-in with a valve which turned out to not fit the requirements of some states.

As such, we went back to the drawing board and redesigned a more eco-friendly, reusable and easier mask to clean. Made with injection molded silicone and impact copolymer, HealthCare Family’s New Silicone Comfort Mask can be easily sanitized with alcohol, disinfecting wipes or mild cleaning solutions with no need to launder! It’s unique dual-frame system allows for a quick and easy clean.

Our mask’s filters are made with four protective layers:

The first outer layer is composed of spun-bond but non-woven polypropylene material to block initial large particles, dust, and all types of liquid droplets.

The second and third layers are double-layered composites made of fine, electrostatically charged, melt-blown and non-woven fabric to block all the finer dust particles, bacteria, and other virus-carrying particles.

The fourth and final inner layer is an enclosed, fully spun-bond thick polypropylene which mainly acts as a blockage to exhaled droplets from the wearer to protect other people.
With protective masks now having become a critical part of the “new normal” life, new mask products have seemingly flooded the market each but most of which are only made of fabric or cloth. As such, we have gone to great lengths to create significant differences that set our masks apart from all the rest. The main key selling point is how we’ve designed our mask to be arguably the most comfortable in the world, and with proper fitting and sealing, be able to provide High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtration. HealthCare Family’s reusable eco-friendly face mask with injection molded silicone and tight sealing filtering technology is designed for respiratory protection. We’ve made sure to make it with needle punched non-woven synthetic material, containing no fiberglass whatsoever.

We’ve designed the face gasket to provide a much tighter seal around the face as opposed to surgical masks, cloth masks and other loose-fitting face masks. The silicone breather helps keep the user cool even without a built-in valve, providing exceptional comfortability even in warm environments. Our mask’s unique dual frame design and silicone-based material allows you to sterilize and reuse it for hundreds of times without degrading. More specifically, it is made of silicone rubber, a polymer with countless applications across several industries, including clothing, cookware, construction and manufacturing, non-toxic for us people and the planet, more ocean-friendly than plastic, and is durable against high temperatures. It’s durable enough to be sterilized even in the oven (but advisable to be cleaned handily using rubbing alcohol instead for convenience). Lastly, its HEPA filters can be removed and replaced after each use to make sure the dangers of viral particles are eliminated.