HealthCare Family’s LightSaber Screen Mount

Introducing HealthCare Family’s LightSaber 

An RGB LED Light Screen Mount that cares for your eyes 💖

In the current world of IoT (Internet of Things), one can say that working and gaming have been almost inseparable from computers in our day-to-day lives, but most people have yet to think about how this affects eye care. As we are spending more and more time on screen, a light that is either too bright or too dim will directly strain our eyes, causing adverse and irreversible effects on eyesight in the long term. As such, HealthCare Family’s LightSaber Screen Mount was created to focus on eliminating screen glare with its unique light positioning module, providing only the best flicker-free soft lights to protect your eyes from fatigue and allow you to view your screen clearly and comfortably.

We did not just HealthCare Family’s LightSaber Screen Mount to provide a more innovative way to light up computer desktops via Display Space Light Source Technology. We also aimed at improving atmospheric lighting in and around your screen at the same time, allowing for a more exceptional gaming experience like nothing you’ve ever experienced before! It’s the best addition to serious RGB pc gaming setups!

HealthCare Family’s LightSaber Screen Mount can be mounted on any PC monitor or laptop screen without problem. It’s space-saving design was thought up to avoid occupying any space on your work and/or gaming desk to help keep everything clean and efficient. With HealthCare Family’s LightSaber Screen Mount, you also have the option to have it automatically turn off after a 40-minute use, reminding you that it’s time to rest your eyes. This special function may be disabled if you have no need for it though. The LightSaber Screen Mount also has the ability to either manually or automatically help you find the best lighting option for your room setting, as well as being a smart device, remembers the brightness and color temperature you used the last time, bringing a more user-friendly experience to the table compared to others.


Prolonged Lifespan

HealthCare Family’s LightSaber Screen Mount works with any DC 5V/1A power adapter and outputs power at 4.5W. With a color temperature ranging from 2700-6500K, it has over 68 High-Quality Light Beads inside its sharp LED design. It can also be used for up to 30,000 hours straight!

Entertainment has always had a cost but working too hard costs practically the same thing nowadays when we’re all spending so much time on screen. Even now in the post-pandemic era where online classes have been the norm, our children are being affected by the same problems we adults face as they are now also on the screen most of the time, either while learning or gaming afterwards. Don’t let yourself or your family get strained or damaged eyes any further. Let HealthCare Family’s LightSaber Screen Mount care for your eyes for you.

HealthCare Family is dedicated to developing new and innovative ways of improving healthcare for all, and is now focusing on bringing a better lighting experience to screens worldwide with a unique asymmetrically optical design and elegant high quality light beads, scientific counterweight via dual-damping brackets, and super high color matching of up to 6500K! Make both gaming and office life more enjoyable with HealthCare Family’s LightSaber Screen Mount. The one and only RGB LED Light Screen Mount that cares for your eyes. Great for work, best for gaming!

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