HealthCare Family’s Copper-Infused Nylon Gloves

HealthCare Family’s Best Gloves Yet

Ever thought about the sheer number of germs a person can come in contact with on a day to day basis? Germs are everywhere, including but not limited to your daily commute, in trains or benches at your everyday bus stop. Heck, even the coffee shop’s door handle, or on any other door for that matter, whenever you push to get through. Not to mention the elevators and escalators you usually ride to work.

This is exactly why, as a dedicated team of innovative professionals, we at HealthCare Family wished to find a solution in the apparent lack of options to solve this problem in our current market today. An option which not only looks good but also offers a non-intrusive approach at simplifying the fix to the everyday germ your hand comes into contact with. HealthCare Family’s stylishly fashionable and extremely comfortable copper-infused nylon gloves was created to provide the best solution to address all of these problems in one go!


Maximum Copper Content – Our copper-infused nylon gloves have one of the highest copper content in the market. We guarantee this by optimizing our manufacturing method wherein rather than spraying fabrics with copper like other products, the copper content is infused directly into each and every nylon fiber of the glove. 

Innovative Copper Infusion Technology – These gloves are constructed with an 85% copper-infused nylon rating. This innovative approach not only provides the maximum benefits possible but also extends its life and durability for a superior experience.

Ultra Comfortability Fabric – Feel delight in keeping not only your hands, fingers, and wrists but more than half of your whole arm safe & sound with our ultra comfortable premium-type fabric. By providing leeway support while still allowing you to retain your range of motion, this specific fabric is extremely important for your muscles to not strain but instead continue to work and strengthen while being fully protected.

At HealthCare Family, we have offered a wide variety of healthcare-aiding items to rival that of top brands on the market. Our fully copper-infused nylon gloves are no different and are exceptionally made with the best materials available. Each glove comes in full-fingered style, unlike the fingerless options currently out there which still leaves you vulnerable to the everyday dirt and germs.

Stay safe wherever you go, whatever you touch with HealthCare Family’s Newest Innovation: The Copper-Infused Nylon Gloves!