HealthCare Family’s Fully Customizable Premium Ionic Mask

HealthCare Family’s Best Mask Yet

Fully Customizable, Completely Washable, Reusable and Extremely Comfortable Protective Premium Ionic Mask

HealthCare Family, formerly known as Healthbot Care, has yet again developed another high-quality protective mask in hopes of providing more reusable, washable and eco-friendly masks the world sorely needs in this time of pandemic. HealthCare Family’s Best Mask Yet Fully Customizable, Completely Washable, Reusable and Extremely Comfortable Protective Premium Ionic Mask’s three main purposes are to be anti-microbial, barrier-efficient, and provide excellent filtration in comfort and style. It was created as an Anion-type face mask, the first of its kind that’s moisture repellent with specifically designed protective layers to assure all who wear it more protection without compromising comfort.

What is an Anion-type Face Mask?

Anion is a term used to better describe Negative Ion particles. These particles have one or more extra electrons, conferring a net negative charge. As such, an Anion-type mask is made of special and luxurious ionic discharge velvet cloth created for the specific purpose of passing negative ions into the wearer’s body, thereby allowing the skin through its pores to take in the negative ions into our bloodstream. 

Our Ionic facemasks are also produced with four key functions in mind: Health, Safety, Warmth and Comfort. Our masks were specially developed to produce negative ions to regulate the concentration of calcium in the human body, thus boosting the immune system and relieving pain by a small margin.

What makes this mask special?

 High Density of Negative Ion Generation

When two things rub against each other, the static induced would leave one item with a positive charge while the other with a negative charge. However, in the case of our specialized ionic masks, it generates a high density of negative static electricity and negative ions that help regulate the concentration of calcium in our body and boosts the immune system.

Excellent Regulation & Insulation of Body Heat

Our mask’s fiber material has very low heat conductivity. As such, it has excellent heat insulation capabilities to prevent the loss of body heat.

Superior Moisture Repelling and Water Permeability

The mask is developed to avoid the absorption of water and dries quickly even when soaked in water, thus lowering body heat and keeping the skin dry and comfortable.

Why should you wear it?

We all know that the largest organ in our body is our skin. By breathing alone, we are only really able to absorb around 15% of the negative ions in the air. With Negative Ion Clothing however, we are able raise the efficiency of absorbing negative ions for up to 85% via our skin.

A formal study was actually conducted by Dr. Arudoman of Germany who’s research indicated the positive influences of negative ions to the human body. In his research, he proposed the following hypothesis – Negatively Charged Ions are beneficial to the human body in four major ways:

It helps to strengthen the functions of autonomic nerves.
It reinforces collagen (tissues that are resilient and tension-related).
It improves the permeability of the cell’s prototype plasma membranes (improves metabolism).
It strengthens the body’s immune system.

Who is this for?

HealthCare Family’s Fully Washable, Reusable and Extremely Comfortable Protective Ionic Velvet Mask is suitable for all ages as it provides a negative ion protective layer with the added benefit of a natural everyday wear, as well as the repelling of harmful environmental pollutants.

Is it suitable for children or babies?

Yes. We actually have both adult and children’s size masks which you can freely choose to order on the survey reward we will be sending to the final list of paid pledges immediately after we receive the funds from Kickstarter. It has no negative side effects to their bodies and no part of the mask can be consumed orally.

Not only that but it also helps enhance the balance the pH of your children, rejuvenate their body cells, increase cell metabolism and strengthen your child’s overall immune system. 

HealthCare Family’s Fully Washable, Reusable and Extremely Comfortable Protective Ionic Velvet Mask is perfect for children as they are much more active and tend to perspire a lot more than adults because of its superior water permeability that helps whisk away moisture from their bodies, allowing all their sweat to evaporate easily.