HealthCare Family’s Newest Innovation: The Clinical ClearAir Mask

Anatomically shaped, completely transparent and clinically-inspired mask with excellent sealing properties. Self-disinfecting transparent UV mask that offers a soft inner surface with a smooth outer casing created using Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), a high strength thermoplastic material widely used in a variety of hospital-grade medical devices and in other applications such as pipes, wire and cable insulation.
We created it with a clear rigid shell of latex-free medical-grade PVC. This is thick, high-quality PVC with anti-spitting, spray-proof and dust-proof features, providing a full face shield-type screen isolation for the wearer.
Air Flow Technology and Electronic Ion Filtration Fans mechanically built-in on both the left and right filter cartridges of the mask
We ensure true clear air experience with HealthCare Family’s Clinical ClearAir Mask.
Filters are made of Heavy Nonwoven Polypropylene Vacuum Filtration Interlining HEPA Air Filter Material, similarly used for sophisticated but disposable N95 masks which can filter out 95% of all non-oil based particles.
HealthCare Family’s Clinical ClearAir Mask is basically a transparent and reusable mask with N95-equivalent filtration at its core.