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Fully Customizable

HealthCare Family's Fully Customizable Premium Ionic Mask

The Fully Customizable Premium Ionic Mask is anti-microbial, barrier-efficient, and provides excellent filtration with comfort and style. It was created as an anion-type face mask, the first of its kind that’s moisture repellent with specifically designed protective layers to assure all who wear it more protection without compromising comfort.

Quality and Comfort

HealthCare Family's Silicone Comfort Masks

HealthCare Family’s reusable eco-friendly face mask with injection molded silicone and tight sealing filtering technology is designed for respiratory protection. We’ve made sure to make it with needle punched non-woven synthetic material, containing no fiberglass whatsoever.

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Reusable and Washable

HealthCare Family's DuraMask

Efficiently crafted to provide full cough and droplet protection coverage, these reusable masks prevent obstruction of the eyes, leaving room for glasses, shades or whichever eye-wear you prefer without any compromise. Get long-lasting protection by adapting to your environment using HealthCare Family's Protective Masks