AutoDry Kitchen Cabinet From HealthCare Family

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  • December 10, 2021
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Sterilization and disinfection of chopsticks and chopping boards are very important. Taking all these issues into account, we at HealthCare Family have developed our newest product to solve all of your kitchen problems in one go: The AutoDry Kitchen Cabinet. 

HealthCare Family’s AutoDry Kitchen Cabinet is the number one in disinfection and sterilization. We’ve designed it as compact as possible to ensure space is not being wasted in your kitchens so it’s smaller than most kitchen cabinets in the market, having only the same width as a tablet. Although small in size, it has very powerful food-grade sterilization and disinfection capabilities. It is able to cleanse chopsticks, chopping boards, knives and everything else you use in the kitchen with ease.

Disinfect, dry, and store all of your kitchen utensils with HealthCare Family’s AutoDry Kitchen Cabinet!

Offering two drying mode options when turned on:

  • 30 minute AutoDry = Slower drying but lesser residual water stain.
  • 60 minute AutoDry = Faster drying but more residual water stain.

At its heart is an impressive 75°C Hot Air Drying Compressive Sterilization Engine to eliminate all water stains and bad odor when in use. It’s a super hygienic, ready-to-use item that’s easy and comfortable to set up. It also has a specially designed dedicated Chopstick Sterilizer space.

HealthCare Family’s All-Purpose AutoDry Kitchen Cabinet was ultimately made to be an extremely compact yet large capacity kitchen storage helper. You can store it anywhere you like with its high-quality non-slip fixed suction cups and thick wood board storage design. It also has a spilled water filter box to avoid secondary pollution inside. It even has a removable back cover design for all-around cleaning! Our team made sure to put attention to detail culminating in its intimately compact design as we understand the needs of the everyday cook and family kitchen.


  • The main go-to item for those looking for the ultimate chopsticks frame, wheat straw cutting board and overall Kitchen Utensil Steriliser.
  • Hygienic easy to use.
  • Operates via Mercury-free LED UV sterilization.
  • With 75℃ drying and mildew proofing.
  • Doubles as a cutting board, knife and chopsticks cabinet.

Check out HealthCare Family’s AutoDry Kitchen Cabinet: The Best of the Best in Kitchen Utensil Disinfection and Sterilization!

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