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The Future of HC: New Name, New System & New Products in Store Just For You This New Year

Hope everyone’s having a splendid new year, despite all that’s happened this past 2020. With news of a hopeful tomorrow and vaccines incoming, we’re happy to say that 2021 may definitely be a better year for us all. At the start of the year, we have decided to change our

Healthcare family’s Silicone Comfort Mask

In light of the government and the CDC now recommending all Americans to wear face masks in public at all times, we have set out to create one to the best of our extent, in terms of quality and comfort in mind, that provides far superior filtration and defense compared

Introducing HealthCare Durable, Reusable, and Washable N95 Mask

HealthCare, a Healthcare Industry Pioneer, wishes for your support with the initiative to help provide more protective masks to healthworkers and frontliners in dire need of them by creating an easily washable, reusable and cost-efficient alternative to disposable surgical masks and expensive N95 masks. a Healthcare Industry Pioneer wishes for

HealthCare Family’s Best Mask Yet: The Fully Customizable Premium Ionic Mask

HealthCare Family, formerly known as Healthbot Care, has yet again developed another high-quality protective mask in hopes of providing more reusable, washable, and eco-friendly masks which the world sorely needs in this time of the pandemic. The Fully Customizable United-We-Stand Ionic Mask’s three main purposes are to be anti-microbial, barrier-efficient,

LightSaber Screen Mount From HealthCare Family

In the current world of IoT (Internet of Things), one can say that working and gaming have been almost inseparable from computers in our day-to-day lives, but most people have yet to think about how this affects eye care. As we are spending more and more time on screen, a

AutoDry Kitchen Cabinet From HealthCare Family

Sterilization and disinfection of chopsticks and chopping boards are very important. Taking all these issues into account, we at HealthCare Family have developed our newest product to solve all of your kitchen problems in one go: The AutoDry Kitchen Cabinet.  HealthCare Family’s AutoDry Kitchen Cabinet is the number one in

Copper-Infused Nylon Gloves From HealthCare Family

Ever thought about the sheer number of germs a person can come in contact with on a day-to-day basis? Germs are everywhere, including but not limited to your daily commute, in trains or benches at your everyday bus stop. Heck, even the coffee shop’s door handle, or on any other